FreeBSD support?

Added by Arseny Kapoulkine almost 9 years ago

Currently jamplus does not have built-in support for FreeBSD. It would be very nice to have it.

There are several issues when trying to compile from source; jam0 builds fine, second bootstrapping phase does not succeed because of some differences in library names (it can't find /usr/lib/libstdc++-static).
jam0 is almost usable, except a bug where it can't find the executable path (readlink method only works on Linux) so Jambase/modules can not be found.

I modified fileunix.c to fix this, see attached patch.

Other than that I had to slightly hack c-autodetect.jam to use linux32 platform for BSD (linux32 is probably a bad name? since it works fine on 64-bit Linux...) to get jam starting. I could not test C building rules because I don't use them, but at least jam files load correctly.

fileunix.c.patch Magnifier - getprocesspath/getexecutablepath FreeBSD patch (1.39 KB)

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RE: FreeBSD support? - Added by Joshua Jensen over 8 years ago

Thanks for the update. I have applied this to the latest Git repository build.

I also was working on installing FreeBSD in a VM to bring up the C compilation support. I must have been doing something wrong, because it was downloading source code for everything and building. I let it go overnight, and then I gave up on it.