/MP Visual C++ compiler flag?

Added by Tim S about 11 years ago


Thanks for putting all this work into assembling such a great tool. I know in the Visual Studio IDE, I can set a /MP flag such that multiple cores/processors will be utilized for compiling. Does JamPlus handle this as well? I couldn't seem to find any info about that in the docs, thanks for any info.

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RE: /MP Visual C++ compiler flag? - Added by Joshua Jensen about 11 years ago

JamPlus is automatically multiprocessor, taking advantage of the NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS environment variable to set a default for its -j# flag.

That said, JamPlus should also be able to take advantage of the /MP flag. You can try it out by setting it with the CFlags or C++Flags rules. If you learn anything, I'm sure others here would care to know your results. :)