More Jamplus questions (iOS and Xcode related)

Added by David Cowan over 8 years ago

Unfortunately, I have some more questions regarding the use of jamplus on Mac, for building iOS projects...

1. How is the 'PROVISIONING_PROFILE' parameter on the C.CodeSign rule supposed to be used? What am I supposed to put there?

2. I have a whole series of JAM files, one for each subsystem of my engine which gets compiled into a library (Core, Renderer, Audio, Input, etc)
The project JAM file does a subinclude for the engine JAM file, which in turn subincludes Core.jam, Renderer.jam, Audio.jam, etc.
Each of these subsystem JAM files contains a 'Project' rule which sets up the files contained in the library for Xcode/Visual Studio.

When I generate the workspace for my project (and in turn, each of the engine components) - the Xcode 'Scheme' drop down is populated with an entry for each subsystem.
There is also an additional entry for each subsystem prefixed with "!clean:"... i.e. clean:Renderer, etc
However, only the main project has options for Device, iPad Simulator and iPhone Simulator. All other options in the drop down have 'My Mac 32-bit'

Is this normal?

3. How do I do a clean build under Xcode? the Scheme selections prefixed with !clean don't appear to do anything

4. In order to switch between Simulator and Physical device, I need to edit the project scheme, and manually change 'Build Configuration' to the correct config (debug, release, iphone, iphonesimulator, etc) and then point it to the correct executable.
Shouldn't these configurations be generated as part of the workspace?

5. Although I haven't gotten it working yet, it would appear that I need to manually change the build settings in my scheme to set which device provisioning profile to sign the app with... is this normal, or should it be reading this somehow from the JAM file? (building without this setting results in 'CodeSign error: code signing is required for product type 'Application'...')

Thanks for the help


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RE: More Jamplus questions (iOS and Xcode related) - Added by Joshua Jensen over 8 years ago

I'll answer all of these individually soon, but the short answer is that Xcode 4 appears to have major problems with schemes. I tried for days to get it right before giving up. Xcode 4 is supposed to import Xcode 3 projects, and it mostly does. When it comes to Build Configuration settings and remembering which executable to run, it just doesn't work.

This is possible to reproduce with a non-JamPlus Xcode 4 project.

For now, I have stuck with Xcode 3, as I am trying to get a game out (Pathstorm for iOS:, and I was spending too much time fighting Xcode 4. Perhaps these 'bugs' have been resolved, and I should look at it again.