VS2012's Platform Toolset

Added by Brian Ehlert about 6 years ago

As you probably know, VS2010 introduced the Platform Toolset feature which allows compiling with older versions of their compiler (VS2008 originally). That way you could upgrade your project files to the new VS version but still build libs for clients running older versions and not need to maintain both. With auto-generated project files, it was never really important, since you could just generate the old version.

Fast forward to today, and VS2012 seems to have hijacked that feature to allow using other versions of the VS2012 compiler. v110_xp was added with VS2010 Update 1 to allow targeting Windows XP, and v120_CTP_Nov2012 is used for the preview of their new C++ compiler. The CTP compiler should be a simple and everything should still work, but v110_xp actually requires quite a few changes as mentioned here:


Mainly, they change all the library paths to use version 7.1 of the Win SDK instead of version 8 like VS2012 normally targets. I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on a proper way to handle things like this within the JamPlus world. I'm not sure if the new multi-toolchain stuff is designed to support this, or if you think it would be better just to treat it as a new compiler so that way all the paths can be adjusted properly.


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RE: VS2012's Platform Toolset - Added by Joshua Jensen about 6 years ago

I had a long response to this typed up, and then my browser crashed.

You would think I would learn not to write stuff in the browser. Ugh.

My response focused on how JamPlus nextgen currently handles this with Xcode and multiple SDK versions for OS X or iOS.

I'll get a new response typed up soon.


RE: VS2012's Platform Toolset - Added by Brian Ehlert almost 6 years ago

I'm revisiting this issue again. Any chance you feel like writing up this information again?

If not, I'll try to take a look at the XCode stuff although I've never dealt with XCode personally.