nextgen updates: SDK updates, better VS2012 support, memory and speed optimations

Added by Joshua Jensen about 7 years ago

The nextgen branch has been updated with the following changes:

  • The current project directory is no longer automatically added to the include directories.
  • Support for iOS 6.
  • Support for OS X 10.8.
  • Lua Lanes 3 upgrade.
  • Better VS2012 support. (Thanks to Ben Hymers.)
  • For Visual C++, better support for .rc-specific includes, flags, and defines.
  • Rejigged the Jam executable internals for LIST storage. This saves memory and seems to work faster than the old style LISTs. (Thanks to Thomas Spurden.)
  • New sample illustrating added win32-derived platforms.
  • New sample illustrating how one might link a PS3 SPU project into a PS3 PPU project.
  • Ctrl-F5 now works properly in Visual Studio 201x.