single file to action rule

Added by Kevin Thacker almost 7 years ago


I am using Jamplus (but not the nextgen version).

I have created an action, but the exe it runs only handles 1 file for input. Is there a modifier for an action that can do this? The piecemeal reduces it down, but not to a single file.

i.e. $> is 1 file and $< is 1 file within the "actions" rule.

Thank you.


EDIT: The intention is to embed data within a binary file, so that a tool takes an input and generates an obj file that I then want to link in with my executable. The tool only accepts a single input and generates a single obj output.

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RE: single file to action rule - Added by Joshua Jensen almost 7 years ago

Just call the tool once per target:

actions ConvertToBinary {
    ConvertToBinary $(2) $(1)

ConvertToBinary targetA.obj : sourceA.src ;
ConvertToBinary targetB.obj : sourceB.src ;

Am I misunderstanding?

BTW, I think it would be nice if the piecemeal modifier took an additional number describing the maximum number of targets to lump together in one call.