Added by Ivo Duarte almost 6 years ago

Hey Guys,

I'm new to jamplus (and jam in general).

I've been able to build correctly a complex project for win32 that depends on several libs.
I'm now trying to do the same for android, I've rename these files:




So I can execute:

jam CONFIG=debug PLATFORM=androidndk NDKROOT="C:/android/android-ndk-r8e" NDK_TOOLCHAIN="x86-4.4.3" NDK_PLATFORM="android-14"

and build everything, problem is I get this (and jam doesn't build anything).

  • Warning : NDK_ABI defaults to armeabi
  • found 1 target(s)...
  • finished in 0.00 sec

I'm clearly doing something wrong, is there a reason why the androidndk files follow a different naming standard than what jamPlus expects?
Is the android platform not fully supported? Or maybe the androidndk files are just provided as a template?
I'm a bit in the dark regarding this due to my lack of experience with jam and also info in the forums regarding building for android seems to be non existent.