Who use JamPlus (including nextgen)?

Added by Maxim Suslov almost 5 years ago

Is any information about where JamPlus is used? In which projects?

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RE: Who use JamPlus (including nextgen)? - Added by Steven Craft over 4 years ago

We are using it at Paw Print Games and have shipped various mobiles games (KAMI RETRO, Swashbuckler, KamiCrazy, Soldier Ants) on various platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, BB10, Tizen, WebOS) all built from JamPlus (master).

We are right now in the process of moving iOS over to the NextGen branch (with the view overtime moving more and more platforms until we can drop master and use NextGen for everything).

Prior to Paw Print Games I worked at Travellers Tales and rolled JamPlus out there to build all games for all platforms (probably 50-100 SKUs releases using it so far).

I believe some people at Unity are using it (for internal stuff I presume).

I also believe that Frontier (Cambridge, UK, games studio uses it).

Outside of the games development world; I'm not sure..!

RE: Who use JamPlus (including nextgen)? - Added by John Brandwood over 4 years ago

We've been using it at Left Field for many years. We abandoned the awful boost.jam pretty much as soon as Joshua first released jamplus.

Game development world again ... there are always so many platforms to target from a single codebase.

Perhaps Epic could take a look at it ... I took a look at Unreal Engine last month, but walked away after a 45 minute clean sample build when our existing engine + last-shipped-x360-game clean builds in less than two minutes on the same hardware with jamplus.