NextGen binary directory

Added by Steven Craft about 5 years ago

Could you confirm that the correct output directory for a project is as follows:

Project : ./samples/macosx/glut (this is a sample that comes with JamPlus)
Platform: macosx32
Config : debug
Output : <build_directory>/macosx32-debug/TOP/macosx32-debug/glut/glut.debug

In the master (non NextGen) version I'd expect the output to be:

Old : <build_directory>/macosx32-debug/TOP/glut/glut.debug
New : <build_directory>/macosx32-debug/TOP/macosx32-debug/glut/glut.debug

So in NextGen there seems to be an additional macosx32-debug/glut/ after TOP. I can update at my end to use this new directory structure but I wanted to query whether it was intentional.