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Added by Jonathan Lawrence almost 11 years ago

Hi I have a reasonable complex visual studio project, it has about 10 configs & 4 platforms which I need to keep up to date for multiple IDE's, so I am investigating VS project generators

from what I can understand of JamPlus, if I want to add new platforms & configs to support I will need to modify the jamebase.jam file, or create my own jamebase.jam & tell JamPlus to use my rules instead.
How do I tell the JamToWorkspace.bat to use my jambase.jam? I can see how to tell Jam this but not the workspace builder.

Also I found the VCProjToJamfile.bat This would be really useful if it built a .jam file containing config's & the config settings of the vcproj.

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RE: A question or 2 - Added by Joshua Jensen almost 11 years ago

Please pardon the late response.

I've dealt with similar numbers of platforms and configs, although JamPlus doesn't have enough built in feature set (yet) to handle them out of box. In the near future, I expect to have platform and configuration modules separated out into individual files. This will make adding platforms, configurations, or compilers a lot easier. I would like feedback on how this should be structured, though.

In its current form, you will need to modify the Jambase.jam file or add a Jamrules.jam for your SubDir hierarchy. If you are going to specify an alternative Jambase.jam, you'd get along just fine putting your new/revised rules in the Jamrules.jam file.

JamToWorkspace does not currently have an override for specifying an alternative Jambase.jam. An option in the optional .config file used to generate a workspace would be easiest to deal with, I imagine. I just discovered I have left this functionality completely undocumented.

VCProjToJamfile could do more, as you said. I would welcome any patches. For my purposes, I find the file list is the most important part. However, any additional work it could do for me would be great.