JamPlus is a very fast and powerful code and data build system built on the code base of the original Perforce version of Jam, a software build tool similar to make. It is regularly used to parallelize the builds of massive code or data sets.

JamPlus adds new features to Jam and integrates a number of patches from the Jamming mailing list and the Perforce Public Depot.

A sampling of the features in the JamPlus distribution follows:



Jam's author is Christopher Seiwald (seiwald@perforce.com). Documentation is provided by Perforce Software, Inc.

JamPlus's primary maintainer is Joshua Jensen (jjensen@workspacewhiz.com).

Note: Much of this documentation is taken verbatim from the jam.html file which ships with the Perforce Jam build.

Patches come from the Jam mailing list and Perforce Public Depot, with the primary authors being Alen Ladavac, Craig McPheeters, and Matt Armstrong.