Feature #25

Add 'size' to C.Lump rule

Added by Steven Craft over 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:07/20/2010
Priority:NormalDue date:
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We have some reasonably large project (up to a couple of hundred source files) that get fast rebuild times by using the C.Lump rule, however the incremental build times go through the roof. I thought it might be beneficial to have an optional size parameter to the C.Lump rule, so you'd have something like:

SRC = a.cpp b.cpp c.cpp d.cpp e.cpp f.cpp g.cpp h.cpp i.cpp j.cpp ;

C.Lump Misc : SRCS : MiscLump.cpp : : 4 ;

Which would then generate something like:

#include "a.cpp"
#include "b.cpp"
#include "c.cpp"
#include "d.cpp"

#include "e.cpp"
#include "f.cpp"
#include "g.cpp"
#include "h.cpp"

#include "i.cpp"
#include "j.cpp"

I certainly would like to see (over time) some of the large projects I am working with broken down to smaller modules, which would fit better with the current C.Lump support, but I thought I'd put this feature request in anyway, as I can see it being useful in quite a few circumstance, if for nothing else than an interim measure.


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