Example Projects


The Subversion build of LuaPlus (http://luaplus.org) has JamPlus support.

  1. Grab the latest LuaPlus from svn://svn.luaplus.org/LuaPlus/work51.
  2. From the LuaPlus root, run: c:\JamPlus\bin\scripts\JamToWorkspace.bat --gen=vs2005 Jamfile.jam build
  3. Open the generated LuaPlus.sln in the build/ directory.

Noel Llopis's Benchmarking Script

Noel Llopis' generate_libs script has had Jamplus support added to it. Download generate_libs_with_jamplus.zip.

Noel's standard benchmarking parameters are:

python generate_libs.py gen 50 100 15 5

PopCap Framework

  1. Download the PopCap Framework from http://developer.popcap.com/ and unzip it to a directory.
  2. In the same directory, unzip the PopCapFrameworkForJamPlus.zip, attached below.

PopCapFrameworkForJamPlus.zip - Unzip over the PopCap Framework 1.3 to enable JamPlus builds (9.76 KB) Joshua Jensen, 10/16/2008 02:08 AM

generate_libs_with_jamplus.zip - Noel Llopis' generate_libs script with Jamplus support (8.07 KB) Joshua Jensen, 01/09/2009 09:20 PM