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03:25 AM JamPlus General Discussion: Wrong Jamfile in workspace
Until recently, our basic Jam set up has been to have one Jamfile in each projects directory, the application itself ...


11:54 AM JamPlus General Discussion: RE: Who use JamPlus (including nextgen)?
We are using it at Paw Print Games and have shipped various mobiles games (KAMI RETRO, Swashbuckler, KamiCrazy, Soldi...
09:51 AM JamPlus General Discussion: NextGen binary directory
Could you confirm that the correct output directory for a project is as follows:
Project : ./samples/macosx/glut (...


09:26 AM JamPlus General Discussion: RE: clang, asm. bug
I have this problem too. Please find attached a .s file that you can assemble to test with.
For what it is worth, ...


08:27 AM JamPlus General Discussion: RE: Android NDK?
I have shipped a few games on Android using some Jamfiles that handle the entire build process for Android. I have at...


10:41 PM JamPlus Revision a7ad6a9e: Fixes for building multiple files at once.
Archiver fix.
Use gcc for c and g++ for c++.
10:41 PM JamPlus Revision 2692aa2f: Remove redundant CYGWIN_SETUP line.
10:41 PM JamPlus Revision a2118f05: Add NT OS support (windows platform, .exe extension).
10:41 PM JamPlus Revision 410d9bb4: Add C.STRIP tool definition.
Setup C.FDefines/C.FIncludes/C.LibraryPath rules.
Define _ANDROID.
CD into ou...
10:41 PM JamPlus Revision fb58a853: Android NDK:
Improve compiler flags.
Add stripping support.
Added C._ApplicationFromObjects_PostBuild_Platform rule to copy stripp...

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